• 10mm spacer for HEQ5 belt modification


    This 3D-printed 10mm spacer
    is dedicated to the gears-to-belt modification
    of the HEQ5 equatorial mount.

    If the spacer delivered in your
    belt-modification kit is too narrow,
    this one is for you !

    Feel free to add a comment if you need
    a thicker spacer.

    What color ?

    Belt-modification kit not included.
    Worldwide shipping : +4 €


    The spacer delivered in the usual "belt-modification kits" for HEQ5 may be too narrow and may not allow to close the steppers housing properly.

    It was my case when I made the midification of my HEQ5 mount.

    A 8 mm spacer was delivered in the modification kit, but a 10 mm thick was necessary.

    I propose to provide to you this 10 mm-thick spacer, made of 3D-printed PLA.

    Notes : Belt-modification kit is not included.




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