• 3-rings-bracket for (Samyang/Rokinon 135 f:2 + QHYCCD-Coldmos or ASI-Cool) train

    samyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrottosamyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrotto
    samyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrottosamyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrotto

    This bracket allows to mount a
    (Samyang/Rokinon 135 f:2 + CCD cooled-camera) train on your equatorial mount.

    Thanks to its 3 rings (2 for lens, 1 for the camera), the flexure of the "train" is avoided.

    Bracket available for the follwing cameras :

    - ZWO ASI-Cool (78mm diameter) cameras,
    - ZWO ASI-Cool Pro (86mm diameter) cameras,
    - QHYCCD-Coldmos (77mm diameter) cameras.

    Select your dovetail type among the different available shapes :

    Vixen, Manfrotto 577, Arca-Swiss, Losmandy.

    Your camera
    Dovetail type

    Worldwide shipping : + 26 €

    samyang 135,focuser,star adventurer,astrophoto,bracketsamyang 135,focuser,star adventurer,astrophoto,bracket

    Add a focuser ring to your Samyang 135 f:2

    Your selection

    Worldwide shipping : + 3 €

     samyang 135,bracket,asi1600,cooled,ring

    Add an optional camera-dedicated 3rd ring to your bracket

    Your camera

    Worldwide shipping : + 4 €

     3-rings-bracket for (Samyang/Rokinon 135 f:2 + QHYCCD-Coldmos or ASI-Cool) train

    Add an optional dedicated dovetail to your bracket

    Your dovetail's type

    Worldwide shipping : + 8 €


    Material : 3D-printed black PLA

    The cameras's ring is available for the following diameters :

    - 77mm (QHYCCD-Coldmods cameras)
    - 78mm (ZWO ASI-Cool cameras)
    - 86mm (ZWO ASI-Cool Pro cameras)

    Notes :
    - Camera, lens, filter wheel, are not included.
    - Focuser ring for Samyang 135 f:2 is not included by default in the bracket. Feel free to add this optional accessory.


    samyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrottosamyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrotto

    samyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrottosamyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrottosamyang 135,qhyccd,coldmos,bracket,vixen,manfrotto



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  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 13 Octobre à 19:13


    Je souhaiterais acheter une fixation pour mon Telrad avec la fixation pour l'embase de mon skywatcher 200/1000.

    Comment le commander ? A quel prix ?



    Alain D.

    Mercredi 10 Juillet à 03:27

    Will the 3 ring 3d printed mount fit a Canon 135mm f2? (not sure of which camera yet)

    • Voir les réponses
    Miguel Angel Lazaro
    Jeudi 11 Avril à 09:21


    I put my order last sunday paypal number 7Y2471731L594524G and you don´t reply my emails asking about track order and shipping date..


    Miguel Angel Lazaro
    Dimanche 7 Avril à 13:44

    Hola Philippe

    When will the whole packet (QHY Vixen dovetail, ring focuser and 3er ring) avalaible in delivery time and shipping to Spain? As soon as you answer, i´ll order it


    • Voir les réponses
    Dimanche 10 Mars à 09:18

    Hello, please let me know the delivery time for one 3-ring bracket (for ZWO ASI 78mm) & one focuser ring (for 135mm Samyang).

    Thank you for your feedback in advance!


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    Lundi 11 Février à 03:03
    Is the dovetail PLA or metal? Thanks.
    • Voir les réponses
    Lundi 11 Février à 03:01
    Is it possible to temporarily remove the ring at the back and attach a DSLR? That way I get to use both my ASI1600MM-COOL and DSLR on the same rings. I know my camera rotation will be limited but that is not a major issue. Thanks.
    Mercredi 23 Janvier à 03:43

    Nikon version?


    • Voir les réponses
    Mercredi 23 Janvier à 02:51

    When will this item be available to order? It seems it also accommodates a filter wheel. Will it accommodate 78mm diameter ccd?


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