• Modified powerpack

    powerpack,astrophotography,astrophotographiepowerpack,astrophotography,astrophotographie Here are described some
    modifications I made on my
    Skawatcher's powerpack,
    to increase its autonomy
    and add some useful functions.




    The original baffle and 55W/12V halogen lamp has been replaced by a 621Lumen 50W/12V LED and 3D-printed bracket.

    Advantages :
    - much less power consumption,
    - narrower and lighter powerpack.


    The original 12V / 8VA lead acid battery has been replaced by a 12V/12VA lead acid gel battery, for a longer autonomy and lifetime.


    The 50W of the LED are more than enough for the nomadic use : providing light while packing the equipment before going back home...


    A 12V/5V 3A converter with 2 USB connectors has been added. it allows to power a nanoPC (Lattepanda).

    As well, a adjustable voltage regulator with a RC connector has been added, to power a dslr (or something else).


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