• Samyang / Rokinon 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography


    samyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetailsamyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail

    samyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photo

    samyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photo

    Attach your Samyang / Rokinon 135 f:2
    telephoto lens to the Vixen dovetail
    quick-release photo dovetail (Manfrotto 577-like)
    of your equatorial mount.

    Add easily a guidescope or a red-dot finder atop
    the bracket.

    Dovetail types available : Vixen, Manfrotto 577,
    Arca-Swiss, Losmandy.

    Your color & material :
    Included dovetail :

    Telephoto lens, guidescope, red-dot finder, dslr, fast-release photo clamp and mount not included.

    Worldwide shipping : +25 €
    partially refunded in the following cases
    - shipping to France : -15 €
    - shipping to European Union : -8 €

     Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography,micro focuser
    Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography

    Add a micro-focuser hinged ring to your
    Samyang 135 f:2 telephoto lens and bracket

    Your color & material

    Micro-focuser hinged ring only (bracket not included)

    Worldwide shipping : +3 €, refunded if combined with Bracket's shipping.


    The bracket with hinged rings...

    Material : 3D-printed black PLA

    The bracket inlcudes :

    - two rings, dedicated to Samyang 135 f:2 telephoto lens,

    - 1 Vixen-like OR Manfrotto 577-like OR Arca Swiss-like OR Losmandy-like dovetail (choose your dovetail type),

    - 1 uppet dovetail for guidescope and red-dot finder,

    - 2 M4x20 and 2xM4x25 steel screws to attach the rings to the dovetails,

    - 2 M4x20 steel screws, to clamp the lens,

    - 2 M4x12 knurled nylon screw to clamp the guidescope,

    - for the Vixen dovetail : 1 aluminium plate 12 x 50 x 2 mm (to avoid screw indentations in the plastic dovetail).

    The kit doesn't include the fast-release clamp, the guidescope, the red-dot finder, the mount and the dslr.


    Samyang / Rokinon 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotographySamyang / Rokinon 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography


    The Manfrotto 577-like dovetail is compatible with the following type of fast-release clamping system (not included in the kit) :

    Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography


    Bracket with Vixen dovetail :

    Samyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotography

    Samyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotography

    Samyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotography

    Samyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 3D-printed bracket for astrophotography

    Bracket with fast-release Manfrotto 577-like dovetail :

    samyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photosamyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photosamyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photosamyang,135,F:2,bracket,vixen dovetail,fast release photo

    The micro-focuser hinged ring

    Material : 3D-printed PLA

    Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography,focuser ringSamyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography
    Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotographySamyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography


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  • Commentaires

    Vendredi 3 Janvier à 03:12


    I have been looking into purchasing one of your mounting brackets for my Rokinon 135mm lens. I researched the different materials you gave options for (PLA and PETG) and went back to make my purchase and saw you had removed the PETG option. Am I correct in thinking that PETG is the better material as far as strength and heat resistance is concerned? And will that be an option again soon? 

    Thank you for your unique products and for your help!


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    Vendredi 20 Décembre 2019 à 22:51



    Pouvez-vous me dire quel est le délais de fabrication + livraison en France métropolitaine pour le Bracket du Samyang 135mm et le microfocuser qui va avec?

    Pouvez vous me confirmer le remboursement de 10€ pour envoi groupé des deux éléments?

    D'avance merci


    • Voir les réponses
    Dominique Joubert
    Vendredi 29 Novembre 2019 à 15:29


    Pourriez-vous me dire si vous avez bien reçu ma demande de devis envoyé directement à votre email,

    email utilisé l'an dernier pour un autre devis .


    Dominique Joubert

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    Samedi 28 Septembre 2019 à 09:27
    Bonjour Philippe les frais de port sont de 15€ même pour la France ? La platine vixen est en quelle matière ? J’ai cru lire aluminium. Cordialement
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    Mercredi 14 Août 2019 à 16:48

    Hi, I would like a bracket for my Samyang 135mm lens that I can use on my Star Adventurer and a Skywatcher AZ EQ 5GT? If I order the rings with a vixen dovetail and then a Manfroto quick release dovetail, will this be correct? Thanks.

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    Lundi 5 Août 2019 à 14:41

    Bonjour Philippe,

    A combien s'élèverait le prix de livraison en France métropolitaine pour un achat combiné du bracket (2 rings) et du micro-focuser pour l'objectif Samyang 135mm ? Et dans le cas où il y aurait une réduction, comment faire pour l'indiquer lors du payement ?

    Merci d'avance,


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    Remo Weber
    Lundi 15 Juillet 2019 à 22:27
    Hello. I have already ordered the variant with the Vixen dovetail. Is it possible to order only the fast-release photo dovetail to switch between the Vixen dovetail and the fast-release photo dovetail?
    I own a Star Adventruer and a Vixen GP mount.
    If so, what would this fast-release photo dovetail cost?
    Thank you very much
    With kind regards Remo
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    Mardi 18 Juin 2019 à 01:00



    Approximately how long would it take to ship to California?





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    Keith Cooper
    Jeudi 28 Mars 2019 à 13:26


    I ordered the Dual Polemaster adapter for the Star Adventurer last week and now that I received my Polemaster and the adapter for the CGEM mount I realize that I will have to take the dove plate off to use it with your adapter.  Do you already have something that allows the dove plate to stay in place and mount to the Star Adventurer?

    Keith Cooper
    Samedi 23 Février 2019 à 20:45


    The hinged part of the Samyang 135 bracket, which I got this past January, has completely broken on one and is severally cracked on the other.  I can send you photos if you want.  Can these be fixed or can you send replacements?



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    Mercredi 13 Février 2019 à 15:50

    What is the lowest temperature this should be used in? 

    I live in Canada where I sometimes image in -10C weather.

    Can I use it? Thanks.

    Keith Cooper
    Mercredi 23 Janvier 2019 à 16:14

    How durable are the 135mm brackets or things printed with a 3D printer?  This would be my first to ever buy or even see something from a 3D Printer.  How does the 77mm bahtinov mask  fit on the lens, will it work on other lenes that take a 77mm filter like a Rokinon 24mm?

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    Keith Cooper
    Mardi 22 Janvier 2019 à 20:59

    Do you still have the Rokinon 135mm bracket for arca-swiss mount, micro-focuser, and Bathinov Mask for the 135mm?   How long does it take to ship to USA?


    Keith Cooper

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    Jeudi 17 Janvier 2019 à 22:04

    Buonasera Philippe

    I'd like very much the Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography, I will ask to you if there is the possibility to have that item with a Losmandy  dovetail. I can wait, if you can built for me one, many thanks..

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    Samedi 12 Janvier 2019 à 23:36

    I ordered my rings on 1/7/19 and they arrived on 1/12/19! That has to be a shipping record from a piece of astrophotography gear. The rings are very well made, and feel sturdy.cool

    I'm still waiting on a Canon to QHY168C adapter I ordered a month ago. cry

    Mr Daryl salangron
    Mercredi 2 Janvier 2019 à 11:27

    Hi Phillipe 

    i just purchase your:

    samyang\rokinon 135mm f\2 lens rings holder with vixen dovetail version and your micro focuser for that lens. I thought were these great ideas.

    I need your advice on this next project: 

    I have an Astro Tech 60mm f\6 refractor , similar to the teleskop services 60mm f\6 version. It has a tripod collar and foot with 2- 1/4 x 20 tripod sockets. Can you make something similar to your samyang \ rokinon 135mm f\2 rings holder above. While keeping the back ring ( closer to the focuser) design in its slot . Yes, the rings can be thicker, but not that long because the dew shield does slides back for storage. The vixen dovetail length should be 50.8mm measured from center to center of the rings.

    You probably seen this little refractor if you need me to send pictures I will send them. Thanks for offering these products. I have been looking for a very long time. 

    Thank you 

    Daryl  S.

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    Adrian Ashton
    Lundi 31 Décembre 2018 à 17:00

    Hello Philippe

    I purchased a microfocus unit for my Samyang 135mm lens a few months ago but I am afraid I have a problem. One of the component parts has failed at the point where the adjustment screw passes through the ring segment. The unit had been out in the cold and when I fetched the camera and lens in at the end of the imaging session it had failed - maybe the drop in temperature contributed but I don't really know.

    Is it possible for you to replace the failed component?

    I have tried to attach a photo of the failed/broken part but I cannot manage to make it work!

    Thank you.


    Broken item

    Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018 à 16:17

    Reference Paypal # 2F494897NN416301B


    I place the above order the Samyang 135 F2 bracket for astrophotography with vixen dovetail. The only receipt, or acknowledgment, that i received was my paypal statement. Can you kindly confirm receiving order and advise when this order will ship / deliver?

    Kindest regards, Melissa


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    Mercredi 14 Novembre 2018 à 10:56


    Bought a few things and paid with PAY PAL, But the mails keep rebouncing under contact@astrokraken.com verified by pay pal.

    any advice will be helpful to contact you. Thanx



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    Jeudi 18 Octobre 2018 à 20:13

    Bonjour Philippe,

    Je viens de recevoir les masques Bahtinov pour mes trois objectifs Canon.

    Merci, ils sont supers.


    J'ai une question, car le "Samyang 135 f:2 bracket for astrophotography" et le "Micro Focuser" m'intéressent et j'aurais voulu savoir,

    si je pouvais les utiliser avec Mon Canon 5D Mark III et ses trois objectifs?

    - Canon 24-105mm

    - Canon 85mm

    - Sigma Monture Canon 70-300mm


    Merci par avance



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    Lundi 8 Octobre 2018 à 10:10

    I have to look how i can mount it on the l bracket with the 1/4'' Screw. dont want to use a ball head.

    • Voir les réponses
    Samedi 6 Octobre 2018 à 14:10

    Hi there,

    is this bracket compatible with the arca swiss quick release System?



    Kind regards


    • Voir les réponses
    Chris Alberts
    Mercredi 4 Juillet 2018 à 12:48

    Hoi iam interesse in this setup to order how ever i have canon L70-200 2.8 lens can you produce this for that lens. The inside of the rings are 83 i like to have the 

    short-legged bracket for 50mm mini-guidescope on it, i like also to have the adapter on the flitser shoe where i can mount the eeddot finder, when i order when can i have this in home (the netherlands)

    thanks on forhand

    Chris Alberts

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